The Yorkshire Terrier carries himself with an air of self-importance. His has long hair that is blue and tan, which is parted on the face down to the end of his tail and it hands straight down each side of his body. He has dark eyes and a black nose. His ears are small and V-shaped standing erect. His weight should never exceed seven pounds. The Yorkshire Terrier is a wonderful companion for adults and older children. He does love children of all ages but he can be injured by younger ones. He will be by your side at all times guarding you or just being your friend The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog with a big attitude. This is a dog that will one minute happily snuggle on grandma’s knee, delicately eating digestives and the next minute leap through the air and tear after the neighbour’s Rottweiler, promising to show it who is boss. Yorkies are terriers after all, and will protect their territory valiantly. The Yorkie is an affectionate dog but not naturally good with children. If a Yorkie is brought up with children or exposed to them as a puppy, it should be fine. However, children need to understand that the Yorkie has small bones that break much easier than most toys. Supervision is highly recommended.



Lafford - Lincolnshire

Lincoln and Humberside Yorkshire Terrier Club Rescue
Mrs E A Stuart, Jacksdale, Notts. Tel: 01773 768071 or 07970 475157

Southern Yorkie Rehoming
Mrs Depree, Sompting, West Sussex. Tel: 01903 754690

Yorkshire Terrier Club of Scotland Rescue
Mr James Cadger, Hawick. Tel:01450 376137
Yorkshire Terrier Club Rescue
Mrs B Evans (Co-ordinator), Brickhill, Bedford. Tel: 01234 262515

Yorkshire Terrier Rescue

Mr T & Mrs W Souter, Cornwall. Tel: 01752 785722





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