The Whippet is a gentle, patient, tolerant and affectionate dog. Although they are competitive when racing, they are adaptable and quiet dogs. They love people but prefer to stay away from very young children who may handle them roughly. At home in castle or cottage, they make ideal companions. They can be highly strung and need understanding from their owners. 

For elegance of style, cleanliness of habit, and graceful movement, few dogs can equal the Whippet, for which reason his popularity as a companion has increased very greatly within the past decade. No more affectionate creature is to be found, yet he possesses considerable determination and pluck, and on occasion will defend himself in his own way.

Too fragile in his anatomy for fighting, in the ordinary sense of the word, when molested, he will "snap" at his opponent with such celerity as to take even the most watchful by surprise; while his strength of jaw, combined with its comparatively great length, enables him to inflict severe punishment at the first grab. It was probably owing to this habit, which is common to all Whippets, that they were originally known as Snap-Dogs.



Antonio - Cardiff



Collooney - Co Down

Crosscop - Lancashire

Dewerstone - Devon


Niisyf - Lancashire

Osterfen - Lincs

Parkstone - Lancashire

Saraquele - Derbyshire

Selinko - Cambridgeshire

Tonmawr - South Wales

Turnstone - S Wales

Wilver - Staffordshire

Hantreved - Manchester


Witchstone - Ashbourne, Derbyshire



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