A Weimaraner is a very intelligent breed of dog. They are affectionate to their owners but also can be stubborn. Being an intelligent breed they are rather fast at learning new things. Weimaraners can be protective of their property, along with their braveness and loyalty to their family. Another point worth noting is that they have a very strong prey drive, in that, they will automatically chase anything resembling 'prey' ie. cats, rabbies, gerbils, hamsters, birds, etc.Weimaraners are very energetic and eager to please, this combined should make a quick learner in the right hands and with the right leadership.




Ansona - Lancashire

Ardenstorm - Tyne and Wear

Beagmhor - Aberdeenshire

Braefell - Cambrideshire

Crystal - Kings Lynn

Forgun - Lincolnshire

Greyspirit - Livingston, West Lothian

Gunalt - Yorkshire

Gunsyn - Scotland

Katelands - Staffordshire

Klugmaus - Manchester

Minstergate - Yorkshire


Rutilus - Fife, Scotland

Ryanstock - Leicester

Seriva and Rhannigal - Yorkshire

Stormdancer - East Sussex

Wipfel - Nottinghamshire



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