Here we have a number of breeders around the country that specialise in breeding Parrotts, Budgerigars, Cockatoos and Canary's, some of which have birds for sale at various times throughout the year. If you want any pet supplies or products for birds then please visit the BIRD STORE for items like PARROT CAGES and BUDGERIGAR CAGES





Breeder of green wing macaws, African greys, Senegal's. All hand reared in the family home, to include hatch cert, care sheet, and sexing if required


email: Mairi Johnson


Hand reared Congo African greys, Cockatiels, budgies, Red rump parakeets, finches, canaries and lovebirds


Hand reared adorably tame-Congo African Greys, Senagal Parrots(yellow+orange bellied). Celestial, Spectacled and Green rump parrotlets. All Parrots are Hand reared.

Diamond Doves ( Various mutations)

       Tracy-Ann Griffiths           Newport S.Wales


Breeders of Greencheek Conure mutations. Yellowside Cinnamon, Blues, Pineapples, Cinnamon blues and Blue yellowsides. Hand reared and Breeding (including splits) birds available. Based in Nth Notts. your inquiry welcomed . Alan & Debbie


Breeder of African Greys, Indian Ringnecks, Amazons, Derbyans and Red Bellied Macaws.  All babies are hand reared and fed by spoon in the home along with our pet dogs and cats and are loved and played with regularly. They come with a hatch certificate, food and lifetime help and guidance where possible.

West Midlands

Blue Fronted Amazons - African Greys and Eclectus Vosmaeri.

All birds are English bred,fully-weaned hand-reared babies, completely tame, PSUK close-ringed, DNA sexed, and come with a PSUK hatch certificate and diet-sheet.


African Greys - Blue Fronted Amazons - Blue Ringnecks (cocks) - Senegals / Meyers / Brown-headed parrots - Jendaya / Sun / Blue Crowned conures (Aratinga) - Green-Cheeked / Maroon Bellied / Pearly Conures (Pyrrhura) - Blue Quakers - Cockatiels (all colours incl. whitefaced mutation).

Our babies are hand-reared, all our birds are C/R and come with Hatch Certificate and Info/Diet Sheet and as much advice as is required!


African Greys - Umbrella Cockatoos - Grand Eclectus - Blue/Gold Macaws - Green Wing Macaws




Blue and Gold macaws - Hahns Macaws - African Greys - Timneh Greys and Sun

Based in Scotland but travel down to England on business so we can meet up with prospective purchasers

Patagonian - Nanday - Blue Crowned - Red Masked - White Eyed and Mitred Conures. We also breed Congo African Greys, Kakirkis and Cockatiels.

All Closed rung, hand-reared, cuddly tame, well socialised, used to other animals (birds, dogs etc) hatch certificate, diet sheet and 24hr back up, we would also have any birds back should circumstances change in any owners lives.

Fife, Scotland

I breed and hand rear the following species:

African Greys - Amazons (various) - Blue & Gold Macaws - Green Wing Macaws - Hahns Macaws - Black Headed Caiques - Conures ( Sun, Patagonian, Maroon Bellied ) -Moluccan Cockatoos - GalahsI do supply a birth certificate with the babies

I am located on the Worcestershire / Herefordshire borders.

Cockatoos - African Greys - Macaws - Sun Conures. Usually only parent reared youngsters available


web site:

I have for sale 2 Albino and 1 Green Ringnecks & 2 Moustarch's These are all Aviary Birds. Also several aviary cockatiels of most colours. I am hand rearing cockatiels all during the breeding season, and have 2 being reared at present. I also have a Green cheeked conure now being weaned which is for sale.

Also Holiday boarding and rehoming.


Maximillian Pionus, Green Cheeked Conures, Blue Crowned Conures, Cockatiels.

All birds are hand reared, closed rung, bred by myself and silly tame. Hatching certificates and lifetime support provided


Breeder of African grey parrots and Blue and gold macaws. All birds are fully weaned and come with advice sheet.



My name is Raymond Day. I have kept and bred various species of parrot for many years and have specialised in African Grey's for the last ten years and now have quite a large collection.

My African Greys are fully weaned, hand reared, close rung baby and comes with aftercare advice, a hatch certificate, and a range of contact numbers should you ever need any advice in the future

E-Mail: african grey

I can deliver in and around South Yorkshire. When buying any type of parrot I would strongly advise people to find a suitable breeder in preference to a pet shop. The birds exposure to disease is much reduced in a closed collection as opposed to a shop that is continually buying in new stock from a multitude of different sources.

African Greys & Cockatiels all babies hand reared / close rung. All parents fed on Harrison's High Potency Pellets. Babies are gentle & loving. All Greys fully blood tested & sexed.


Location: Lancashire

We breed & hand rear the following species
African Greys - Jardines
Blue Headed Pionus
Meyers - Senegals

All babies are close rung & come with information sheets & hatch certificates

Heather and Hughie


Location: Shropshire

We breed Hahns Macaws -
Black Headed Caiques - Quakers Senegals - Maroon Bellied Conures Kakariki and Celestial Parrotlets

All birds come with hatch certificate and diet sheet and are all hand reared and harness trained

Email : Ade Evans

Location: West Midlands

African Grey - Galah - Senegal Parrot & Hahn's Macaw babies for sale.

All our parrot babies are hand reared and closed-rung. They are cuddly tame, well socialised & are sold with a hatch certificate as well as diet and species information. All our babies are weaned onto a varied, high quality diet.

E-mail us

Location: Essex Area

I breed Red & Green macaws and African Greys (and when they start to breed), Greater Vasa’s and Black-headed Caiques will be added.

All birds that I sell are DNA sexed and micro-chipped.


or visit  -

Location:West Yorkshire

African Greys

We are a small private breeder of african greys. All babies are hand reared in the home after 2 weeks in the nest. They are cuddly tame and closed-rung. All babies are sold with a hatch certificate



We breed masked lovebirds of all colours including albinos, lutinos and splits. All our birds are aviary bred, happy healthy birds. We also breed blackcheeked lovebirds, birds sometimes available for sale.


Location: Greater Manchester

I am a small breeder, breeding African Greys and Hahn's Macaws, All babies are Parrot society rung, hand reared, hand tame. Can deliver within reason.

E-Mail address is


Amazon - Orange-winged * (Italy)
Amazon - Blue-fronted * * (Cornwall) *(Worcs) * (Worcs) (Devon) (Italy)
Amazon - Yellow-crowned * (S Yorks) (Devon) * (Wales)
Amazon -Double Yellow Head (Italy)
Amazon - Yellow-naped (Italy)
Amazon - Red-lored
Amazon - Mealy
Amazon - White-fronted (Devon) (Italy)
Macaw - Blue and Gold * (Wales) (Rhode Island, USA) *(Worcs) (Italy)
Macaw - Hahns * * *(Worcs) (W.Midlands) * (Yorks) Essex
Macaw - Greenwing *(Worcs) (N.Yorks) (Italy)
Macaw - Scarlet (Italy)
Macaw - Chestnut-fronted (severe)
Macaw - Red-bellied
Macaw - Caninde (Italy)
Macaw - Military
African Grey * (West Wales) *(Notts) * (Suffolk) * (Teesside) (Worcs) (W.Wales)
01342.892240 (Kent/Sy/Ssx border) * (Norfolk) * (Fife, Scotland) * * (W.Wales) * * * (Cornwall) *(Worcs) (S.Yorks) (Kent) (Essex) (N Yorks) (Devon) (S Wales)
Timneh Grey * *
Senegal * * * * * * (Shrewsbury) (Essex)
Meyers * * *
Red-bellied * (S Yorks)
Brown-headed *
Fuscicollis (Wales)
Pionus - Blue-headed * * *
Pionus - Maximillian
Conures - Red-masked
Conures - Red-fronted
Conures - Green-cheeked * *
Conures - Maroon-bellied* *
Conures - Blue-throated *
Conures - Yellow-sided *
Conures - Jendaya *
Conures - Blue-crowned *
Conures - Patagonian *(Worcs)
Conures - Nanday
Conures - Petz (orge-fronted)
Parrotlets - Celestial *
Cockatoos - Roseate *(Worcs)
Cockatoos - Umbrellas
Cockatoos- Lesser Sulphur Crested *
Cockatoos - Ducorps
Cockatoos - Triton (N Yorks)
Cockatoos - Citron Crested Gerald 01782 866176 (Staffs) * (Italy)
Cockatoos - Mollucan (Italy)
Eclectus - Grand * * (Wales)
J Turner 01473 327918 (Ipswich)
Cockatiels* * * * * (Devon)
White-faced lutino pied
Parrakeets - Quakers (normal green) (Devon) *
Parrakeets -Blue Quakers
Parrakeets -Swifts (W.Wales)
Parrakeets -Moustached
Parrakeets -Rock Pebblars
Parrakeets -GMR
Parrakeets -Alexandrines
Parrakeets -Rosa Bourkes
Parrakeets -Kakarikis
Parrakeets -Ringnecks (Indian) (N Yorks)
Parrakeets - Ringnecks
Lovebirds - Peach-faced (Portsmouth)
Lovebirds -Fischers
Lovebirds -Masked (Portsmouth)


Richard Davenport
Chesterfield / Derbyshire
Breeders of African Greys, Macaws, amazons, Cockatoos all birds come with Hatch certificate,
care sheets and full after care please call for more details.

Budgies - Chesterfield Derbyshire. 01246 277439 / 07775 848870
£4 each

Small breeder of Kakarikis  based in Staffordshire - birds are parent reared, kept in outside aviaries, big healthy birds, most coloursYoungstock and sometimes adult birds for sale.Contact Sue on email : or mobile 07790191056 or (01889) 881437 after 6pm."

Little Green Darcy Aviary Cockatiel & Ringneck Dove specialist. Also Bourke's Parakeets, Peachfaced Lovebirds, Eastern Rosellas, Bengalese, Diamond Doves. Email: Website: Carmarthenshire, West Wales.

Wings 'n' Things 5 Broad Street Penryn Cornwall TR10 8JL . We breed African Greys, Amazons, Jardines, Meyers, Senegals and Macaws and Australian and othe Finches.
01362 378 034

We are experienced breeders of  hand rear,well socialised,  baby parrots. African greys, macaws, cockatoos, amazons and conures. All our babies are bred and hand reared by us. They are microchipped and come with a certificate of hatch, diet and care book, travel carrier, selection of toys, written health guarantee and full after sales care. Please call Louise or Shirley on 01604740163 or 07733334422 for availability. email:


Terry munden breeds and handrears pionus caiqhes meyers st thomas conures greencheeks mitred red bellied hahns jendaya senegals.


Frances Packer Breeds African Grey Parrots and Cockatiels. All babies are
Hand Reared with TLC.
Gentle, Loving babies from British Bred Parents.
Aberdeenshire 01464 841026 or Mobile 07903
770367 or visit

Lee Allen, Breeder of Silver African Greys.  All hand reared in a loving home environment.  Close rung, British bred, sold with hatch certificate, aftercare sheet and carry case. For more details contact Lee Allen at   Northants 01933 273849

London Birds (Sue Turner/Diana Malin)
Babies for sale: Ringnecks, Rosellas, Cockatiels, Kakarikis, Budgerigars.
Also some adult birds. Various mutations/colours, some hand-reared. Close
rung birds.North London, 0208 8000 582

Mrs Vivienne Stevens Aylesbury,Bucks Tel; 01296 392645
Breeder of Hand reared Whitefaced, White capped Pionus, Lutinos, Pied
Green cheeked Conures

jackie and ian whiteside
breeders of blue and gold macaws, all handreared in family home ,come with HC,close rung north wales 01244 811948 or email

(The 3 Rosella's) G.Cooper. Breeder. Rosellas,Barrabands,etc Location Shropshire.

Mairi Johnson, sometimes available senegals, african greys, and grenwing macaws. All handreared, close rung, B/H caigue and Blue/Gold Macaw babies sometimes available
e-mail South Lincs.

Brenda Appleton
(east yorks) breeder of quality pied cockatiels--tel 01377 252677 e.mail

DG & E Bennett (Upper Swansea Valley)Breeders of mutation Indian Ringnecks.
Tel: 01639 841432

LOVEBIRDS. MASKED, FISCHERS & BLACKCHEEKED. All colours including, albino, lutino & violet, handreared babies sometimes available. e-mail Bury, Lancs

EDINBURGH BREEDER OF HAND REARED AFRICAN GREYS,MCAWAS,SENEGALS,PIONUS,RINGNECKS,COCKATIELS,CONURES AND ROSA BOURKES .. all my birds are hand reared in our family home,they are all cute and cuddly and well Socialised with humans and pets,the birds are handled by all our family daily with make great pets..all babies come with birth/hatch certificate,care sheet  .WILL DELIVER  FOR COST OF PETROL
0131 553 6067 Email -

African Grey Parrots Breeder website at

African Greys -Glyn Griffiths Breeder of African Greys
click here to email

African Greys -jardines, capes, timneh greys. -les tel 020 8668 5760 all babys H/R C/R and come with hatch certificate and guarantee
click here to email

African Greys - Daniel Western - All babys lovingly hand-reared at my home and all close rung, with hatch certificate and diet sheet,cuddly tame - South West (Exmouth, Devon) - 01395 276799 email

African Greys and Amazons. Tim Bennetts. Cornwall UK email

African Greys - Helen Steel - Hand reared in Yorkshire, baby African Grey parrots - all big birds. All close rung. Phone 07761293412 (can call you back) or e-mail BABY GREYS

African Greys, Black headed caiques - Derek & Pauline - Hand reared at our home, all close rung, with hatch certificate, Kent 01843 846 076 email

Breeder of Amazons and Mutation Ringnecks (SCOTLAND) - Peters Parrots, advice also given email

Gouldian Finches available. Parent reared, normal, both Black and Red Heads.
I am located in Ayrshire, Scotland
Contact email address

Indian Ringnecks - DW & J LAWSON. Breeders of Mutation Indian Ringnecks. email

Indian Ringneck Parakeets - Mark Jones (South Wales) - Breeder of Mutation Indian Ringneck Parakeets. email

Budgerigars Cockatiels and softbills

Macaws, Cockatoos and Eclectus - Jane Locyer Flights of Fancy
Southern England - 01962 777604

Parrakeets - Mary Payne Collection of parakeets, including mostly and mainly Cockatiels, including several of the larger species, Barrabands & Barnards. Handrears Cockatiels - 12 years breeding experience email

Parrots & Parrakeets - Peter Standing
- 01403 752929

Parrot Breeders - US Can - We're east coast Canadian hobby breeders of hahn's macaws, quaker parrots, lineolated parakeets (linnies), peachface lovebirds and budgies, all lovingly hand raised. Kelley Joyce-Floyd
Wingnut Aviary
Quispamsis, NB

African Greys and Blue and Gold Macaws. Peter Lockhart email

Senegals - Mrs C Johnson. Masc. Bsya. Dip, CNC. Mntc. All hand reared and close rung, beautiful bonny friendly babies raised with love. 0208 814 2227 email

Indian ringnecks - Mr Rudi Drake - Email

Parrakeets-Wayne Kemble (Swindon) breeder of mutation splendid grass parrakeets and mutation celestial parrotlet tel 01793 490107 mobile 07786315773 e-mail

Liz Woolley - African Greys, Maroon-bellied & Greencheeked Conures, Senegal Parrots, Blue headed Pionus, Celestial Parrotlets, Cockatiels, Kakariki and Budgies. Carmarthenshire south west Wales. 01994 231252 email

K & M Barnes - parrot/parakeet breeders, 15+ years experience. Hand-reared cuddly babies available all year, from cockatiels to conures, poicephalus, A/Greys & Amazons. Norfolk Tel: 01953-455444 e-mail

Geoff Bailey - I specialise in Rosellas of which I have 7 of the 8 species at the moment. All kept in outside aviaries. Tel Number 0161 485 4350.

BIRDS 'R'US Budgies Cockatiels Lovbirds Finches Canaries all bred from exhibitionstock email or phone R Johnson (0161) 406 7165 or 0788 4074353 email

Love Birds, all varieties. Bob Hill, long established breeder and member of Lovebird (1990) Society.
North East of England. Email

Handreared African Grey and Cockatiel Babies. Frances Packer.  Based in Lancashire. All babies lovingly raised.  African Greys also Blood Tested and Closed Rung. 01257410593 or e-mail

Tracy-Ann Griffiths,breeder of hand reared & parent reared.......Congo African Greys,Hanhs Macaws,Orange & Yellow Bellied Senegal Parrots,Various mutations of Celestial Parrotlets,and Sub species of Parrotlets. Email: for pictures and more information.
Tel Newport 01633 667609

Scottish Cockatiel Association - Whether you show birds or just keep them as pets we are sure that you will find something of interest on the site.

Kay Bowman, Penzance, Cornwall - specialises in hand reared cockatiels and has 17 years experience in bird keeping.

Small Breeder of African Greys and Hahn's Macaws. Based in South Lincolnshire.  All Babies Hand Reared, Hand Tame, Parrot Society Rung and come with a Hatch Certificate and Information sheet. For information e-mail or phone 07956664905.

Baby Greys
We are suppliers of hand reared baby African Grey Parrots.
We are also a "One Stop Shop" selling cages, pet carriers, parrot harness, poly perches, shower perches.
Visit our web site

African Grey - Small Breeder - hand reared babies in home environment. Close rung birds. email
Tel: 01945-464055 Cambs

Val & Geoff
Breeders and hand rearers of African Greys. 01255 830030 essex

a breeder of amazons greys electus and bh caiques call ally 07867554790
or email

babies all handreared white faced cockatiels
also blue headed pionus meyers greencheeked conures
or email

Peers-Dimmock (East Kent), Breeder of Hand reared Cockatiels, Various
phone 01233223318, email

A breeder of amazons greys electus and bh caiques
call ally 07867554790 or email

Breeder of African greys, Senegals, Cockatoos, Orange Winged Amazons
and Celestail Parrotlets. Also discount prices Cages, Toys and perches and more.
Tel: Sue Coombs 01633 850904 or mobile 07834872749 South

african greys, babys hand reared at my home close rung hatch certificate diet sheet. all babys cuddly tame..pauline 01342 715052.

QUALITY HANDREARED COCKATIELS, available from now and most of the summer 2006. Reared in the home environment by an Animal Behaviourist, VERY well socialised youngsters. Most mutations including, Lutino, Albino, Pied, Whiteface pied, Cinnamon-Pearl, and the Stunning Whiteface Cinnamon Pearl Pied as well as the rare Fallow. From £45.
Neil at: or Telephone 0191-4405429 (NORTH EAST - Gateshead)

All babies reared in our own home by all the family and are all well and truly socialised and weaned.All birds are close rung and can be DNA sexed if required.
TEL : 01324 871205 / 07980 551070
Email :

Robbie and Pauline Young.
Breeders of Macaws, Cockatoos,Amazons, Greens and Blue Quackers.


Jennifer Jones
Specialist breeder of show quality cockatiels.All mutations including Whiteface,
Pastleface and Yellowface.Carefully reared with attention to detail.Handreared
available , guaranteed cocks and hens.
Jennifer Jones, Telford, Shropshire. 01952 413511
Email :

Eileen Bennett
African Greys, Hand Reared, Close Rung,Cuddly.Tame,V.Loving Home
Ready Now, £600.00 each.

Tel : 01932 887202
Email :

Jane Lockyer
Hand reared silly tame babies
Harlequin Macaws £850
Greenwing Macaws £950
Goffins Cockatoos £500

mobile 07768798027

Paul Yeoman
Breeder of African Greys, Senegals and Black Headed Caiques. Hand reared with loving care. Well socialised birds, closed rung and DNA sexed.
South Coast England
Contact: 01983 614991







Mr Cyril Oldham
Specialist breeder of red canaries
Tel – 0115 9535809
Email –
Location – Nottingham
Jon Hollinshead. Redditch/Midlands (01527) 526813 Call me.
Canaries and Zebra Finches For Sale - South Shields, Tyne and Wear.  0191 4252530 Canaries from £10.00 and Zebra Finches £5.00 each.  Contact Ian on


Small breeder of various quail located in north warwickshire, hatching eggs, chicks, pairs/trios and bantams occasionally available.Tel 078914285485 or visit

Barry Levitt and Dawn Rushall Breeders of parent reared Red Siskins and Gouldian Finches. Help freely given to all. Email: Website: Location : Burbage - Leicestershire.

Bozwellruby hand reared finches , cuddly and very tame taking orders now for, zebra's, bengalese, bichenos and gouldians 07973 800028
email ;

Tanagers and Softbills in general. I specialise in softbills and will give free advice as to their care, breeding and exhibition. - John - Email

Glenn Martin. breeds lovebirds, masked, fischers and some peach faces.
44,Breckenbeds Close, Pelton,Chester Le Street, Co.Durham.DH12 1XH


Zoe A. Hunter
Breeder of ornamental pheasants. Species including tragopans, eared pheasants, firebacks, golden and many more.
Phone no: 01776 870244
South West Scotland



This site welcomes bird breeders, parrots for sale, budgerigars for sale, cockatoos for sale from the following UK and Irish cities, towns, counties : Aberystwyth, Aberdeen, Accrington, Anglesey, Armagh, Ayr, Bangor, Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham, Bangor, Barnsley, Blackburn, Blackpool, Birkenhead, Bournemouth, Burnley, Bury, Bolton, Bowness, Bradford, Carlisle, Chester, Chesterfield, Cornwall, Crewe, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Coventry, Cumbria, Derby, Devon,  Doncaster, Dorset, Dublin, Guernsey, Dumfries, Dundee, Dyfed, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Gateshead, Gillingham, Glasgow, Gloucester, Grimsby, Hartlepool, Halifax, Hereford, Huddersfield, Hull, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight,  Ipswich, Inverness, Jersey, Kent, Keswick, Kidderminster, Kilmarnock, Lake District, Liverpool, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester, Lincoln, London, Londonderry, Ludlow, Luton, Manchester, Macclesfield, Mansfield,  Middlesbrough, Morecambe, Motherwell, Northumberland, Nottingham, Newport, Newcastle, Norfolk, Northampton, Norwich, Oldham, Penzance, Peterbrough, Preston, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Port vale, Powys, Reading, Rhyl, Rotherham, Rochdale, Scarborough, Scunthorpe, Sheffield, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Sunderland, Southampton, Stevenage, Stoke, Southport, Skegness, Stranraer, Swindon, Telford,  Torquay, Walsall, Warrington, Warwick, Whitby, Wigan, Wirral, Wolverhampton, Wrexham, Wycombe, York, Yeovil.

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