Alaskan Malamutes are extremely loyal and intelligent, sweet and most affectionate toward people, even those not part of the family! Male Alaskan Malamutes can be very dominant, so ongoing consistent positive reinforcement training is a must. Most Alaskan Malamutes respond better to reinforcement training better than punishment or negative training, and they often want to do what they want rather than what you are asking them to do, so understanding they are like that because it's inbred into them is essential, not because they are misbehaving -it's part of their natural behaviour to do their own thing. Having said that they'd probably rather be doing a fun activity with their pack, or family. If they don't find fun and exciting things there, they'll most likely go looking for it elsewhere! They have very active minds so training must be fun and is probably better in short bursts rather than long sessions. Mals get bored very easily if it's not something they are interested in! Malamutes can have a very high prey drive, especially with small animals and cats, it's just part of them. They aren't being "naughty"! 

Mals can take off with a mighty pull on the lead when they see something small running, or even a bunch of leaves moving with the wind... so be aware! If you have a dog park near you, and plan on taking your Malamute there, try to start off with a extendible lead as this will do two things, it may alleviate on-lead aggression with other dogs, and it will also stop your Malamute from running off and potentially getting into serious trouble.

Most Malamute owners, breeders and clubs advise NOT to let your Malamute off the lead when in a dog park, or open field (unless it belongs to you) for numerous reasons, but mainly it's for your dogs' own safety, they generally would rather resolve a conflict of hierarchy between other dogs with sorting it out, this doesn't mean they'll get into a dog fight every time, but that they'd want to sort out the rank, that is extremely important to them.



Achak - Staffordshire

Alaskandream - Kent

Artic Wolves at Engbull - Wales

Austmans - Lincolnshire

Ayashe - Lancashire

Blustag - Conwy

Cedarcreek - North East England

Celticwolf - Carmarthenshire

Chayo - Cheshire

Dreamwolvez - Midlands

Hawkam - Lincolnshire

Hayloutopia - Shropshire

Hyteton - Nottinghamshire

Icescape - Manchester

Icewolf - Hampshire

Icetrax - Kent

jade baker - kent

Jaydonspire - Derbyshire

Kachemak - Cumbria

Keighanya - Dorset

Koromandel - Leeds

Malderston - Scotland

Maliru - Devon

Monikoona - Surrey

Myatuk - Hampshire

Northcoast - Tyne & Wear

Shepherdsway - Cambs

Shomont - Nottinghamshire

Sledog - Lincs

Snowallen - Cardiff

Snobruk - West Yorkshire

Snowpines - Wakefield

Snopeak - Scotland

Snowstruck - Devon

Snowolf - Lincolnshire

Teikota - Blackburn

Tikaani - Ayrshire

Tuvaurat - Bedfordshire

Wateengar - Dumbarton

Windberg - Shropshire

Windryder - Cheshire

Wintamagaik - Carmarthenshire

Winterscall - Hampshire

Wolfraven - Cambridgeshire

Wolfvvinds - Cardiff



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